A friendly and inclusive local choir


We are West Malling Community Choir, an inclusive and friendly musical group, formed to bring local people together to enjoy singing and making music.

We meet on Tuesday Evenings and sessions cost £2.50. All music is provided.

We meet on Tuesday evening at St Thomas More Church in West Malling from 7.15pm- 8.45pm

West Malling Community Choir sang at a WONDERFUL concert in The Royal Albert Hall on April 8th supporting the Fabulous Music Man Project.

🎶Was so amazing to see how it all came together on the night. I had a wonderful time being part of the evening and my family thoroughly enjoyed the show. Well done David and everyone involved.

🎶It would be a disservice to even try to put into words how special and magical the evening was. It was evident how much work, time and effort had gone into the concert. My father-in-law told me he got home and cried purely because of how moved he was. Well done MMP you are a force to be reckoned with!

🎶What an amazing and moving event at The Royal Albert Hall. I felt so privileged to be able to support the work of such talented and committed people like David and Jenny, and to help make the day so special for all those amazing young people. 

🎶As the song says, these events can ‘make a difference’. Please continue to showcase what these young people can do and allow others ‘to see another’s worth’.

🎶What a moving and enjoyable day I felt privileged and proud to be a part of the performance.  On the journey back my granddaughter asked me “grandad were all of those singers in T shirts special? And I replied YES. “That’s amazing grandad because everyone of them were in time!” She is 7 and can’t wait for the next Music Man concert !

🎶WOW how amazing was it to sing for MMP for a second time at the Royal Albert Hall. The atmosphere is so loving, it sends goosebumps up your arms when performing with such positive, friendly and welcoming group of people young and older. What an example they set to the nation.

I can’t stop smiling!

.The composer of Flying Free, Don Besig has left us a lovely comment on You Tube about our performance of his song at St James Church ……..

Kathryn Ridgeway

Our wonderful Musical Director

🎶It was an unforgettable experience to sing in the Royal Albert Hall with the Band of the Royal Marines and to feel everyone’s enthusiasm. The music and words were so moving and inspiring.

🎶Thank you to all the organisers for helping to make it so special. Great to get to know choir members better too xx

🎶It was a huge honour to be able to take part again and it was such an amazing and emotional experience.

🎶I’m in awe of the work the MMP does and the students blew me away with their joy and enthusiasm, they were total stars. Thank you to everyone who made it happen.

🎶One of the best nights of my life. Such a wonderful experience and made me feel happy to be alive and be part of something so special. Thank you so much to everyone who helped organise it

🎶What an amazing day. MMP students putting heart and soul into their performance. We were carried along by the enthusiasm. Congratulations to David on his award. A day I will always remember, I was in the audience 2019; overwhelmed to be a part of it this time. Many thanks to everyone.

🎶To see the photographs of the newly born babies and then to see the wonderful youngsters they have become is testimony to the parents, carers, teachers and Music Man team who have nurtured such talent and enthusiasm, such passion and commitment.

🎶It was several days before the continuous loop of ‘Music is Magic’ songs stopped playing in my head but I’m still getting flashbacks …so much joy, so much love, so much commitment and so much plain and simple hard work behind it all.  It was a triumph.

Lovely and expressive singing! Excellent accompaniment as well. Hope you enjoyed learning and singing it. Blessings, Don” ❤️